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William Morris tapestry icon William Morris tapestries
A range of wall tapestries by Morris and Co designed in the Pre-Raphaelite ideals of elegant beauty.
Castle tapestry image Castle tapestries
These castle tapestries capture the brilliance of castles and palaces, each with their own unique story and legend.
Unicorn tapestry category Unicorn tapestries
Tapestries of the unicorn depicted through history, including the "Lady and the Unicorn" series, and more.
Floral tapestry image Floral tapestries
An extensive selection of floral tapestries that shows the magnificence of flowers and blooms.
tapestry of animals picture Animal tapestries
Wildlife tapestries showing the role of animals in our lives, and throughout history.
wall art tapestry category image Art tapestries
A wide range of tapestries in various art subjects, ranging from impressionism to modern.
cityscape wall art Cityscape tapestries
Buildings and cityscape wall tapestries to bring far away places to your home.
landscape tapestry and verdure forest image Landscape tapestries
Landscapes and nature that will transport you in time and place.
Chenille tapestry image Chenille wall hangings
An impressive range of Chenille wall tapestries that are wonderfully soft to the touch.
French tapstry wall hangings image French tapestries
French wall tapestries with a flair that is unique to tapestries from this area and culture.
Medieval tapestry picture Medieval wall tapestries
Distinctive medieval tapestries from the Middle Ages and medieval period of knights and chivalry.
old world map tapestry image World map tapestries
Old world map tapestries reflecting our changing understanding of the world over time.
Tree of Life tapestry picture Tree of Life tapestries
Superb Tree of Life Tapestries from William Morris as well as contemporary artists.
Belgian tapestry icon Belgian tapestries
Tapestry wall hangings from Belgium including the Flemish region of Flanders and the famous Oudenaarde region.
Tuscan tapestry image Tuscan tapestries
Tapestry art from the scenic region of the countryside and life in Tuscany.
Italian tapestry picture Italian tapestries
A collection of Italian tapestries showing the countryside, life and culture of Italy and Mediterannean.
Renaissance tapestry art image Renaissance tapestries
A collection of tapestries from the Renaissance period of art and culture of Europe.
Religious tapestry icon Religious tapestries
Inspired by religion, these tapestries include ancient art, romantic and modern day works.
Asian and Oriental tapestry wall hanging picture Oriental & Asian tapestries
Tapestries depicting Oriental themes, exotic locations and aspects of Eastern culture.
heraldry family crest and coat of arms tapestries Coat of arms
Royal crests and coat of arms tapestries to use as heraldry in your home.
nautical tapestries and wall decor image Nautical wall hangings
A selection of nautical tapestries portraying the role of port cities and sea exploration in our lives.
modern and contemporary tapestries Contemporary tapestries
Contemporary and modern tapestries to suit any room or home requiring a modern artistic touch.
handwoven tapestries Handwoven Tapestries
See handwoven tapestries in Aubusson style, woven in 100% wool here.
French Linen Collection Prints French Linen Collection Prints
See our French Linen Collection prints here, in cotton/linen, for elegant French style.
large tapestries Large Tapestries
Shop by size for large wall tapestries, categorized here.
cushion covers Tapestry cushion covers
Tapestry cushion covers to decorate your home with art and elegance.
tapestry tassels image Tapestry Tassels
Tapestry tassels in a variety of styles to give your tapestries a great finish.
tapestry rods and hangers picture Tapestry Rods
Elegant tapestry rods in a variety of styles for easy hanging of your tapestries.
Wall tapestry welcome

Welcome to Worldwide Tapestries - your perfect destination for wall tapestries and wall hangings online to decorate your room or home.

Decorating your home with wall tapestries gives your home such a wonderful effect which no other form of decor offers. If you have seen a tapestry, you'd know that special look and feel they give to any room in your home!

At Worldwide Tapestries, we provide our customers with such a wonderful range of wall tapestries that you'll find a piece (or many pieces) that you'll fall in love with for your home, bedroom, lounge or living room, dining room or even your home office.

If you are looking for large handmade in Aubusson style tapestries hand woven in 100% wool then have a look here.

Whether you're looking for that perfect tapestry to decorate a single room, or an entire home, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for here to buy tapestries. If you have a large wall space, then see these large tapestry wall hangings to shop by size, including extra large and over size, superb as living room wall decor.

For example, these nature and landscape tapestry and verdure works would be great choices if you love fantastic scenery or verdures. While we're on the topic of tapestry art, you'll also find a wide selection of fine art wall tapestries that suit any taste or style from retro to rustic to modern art. Whatever your taste, you'll find it right here.

If you're into unique wall art and home decor, you'd want to see our collection of William Morris tapestry pieces with his most famous Victorian works, including the Tree of Lifes, hand selected. His works are distinctive and have a style all their own. His works were inspired in fact from medieval tapestry and wall hangings from the Middle Ages, as well as that of unicorn tapestry art including the famous Lady and the Unicorn series and the Hunt of the Unicorn series.

For the sacred tree of life by Morris as well as contemporary artists, see these Tree of Life tapestries collection here. If you love palaces and castles, then see our castle tapestries here for a touch of beauty and grandeur. Medieval themed pieces will also suit a love of castles.

It seems that many people want to use tapestries to add a warm romantic feel to their home. If so, this wonderful collection of French tapestry wall hangings which include Gobelins tapestry works, the Manufacturer de Beauvais, and these pieces by Francois Boucher may suit what you're looking for. For even more romance, these floral and still life tapestries will bring the beauty of the outdoors for all to enjoy. They energise a room like no other work can.

For more European tapestries, see these superb Belgian tapestries from Flemish region of Flanders as well as the famous Oudenaarde region. See these Italian tapestry wall hangings from the Mediterannean region. For scenes from Tuscany, see these Tuscan tapestries which show this scenic region of Italian countryside.

For those of you who want inspiration, then these religious wall hangings and angels as well as Christian themes will give that effect in your chosen room setting. Whether you're into cherubs, biblical or dramatic religious scenes, these works will inspire. Art pieces from the Renaissance period of art can be found in Renaissance tapestries of fine art. If you desire Chenille tapestries for their texture then have a look here.

In the modern theme, see our modern and contemporary wall tapestries which has a variety of modern art in various topics from 19th-21st century. If you love animals, horses, birds and creatures, then see our animal tapestries here.

Of course, the influence of Oriental wall hangings and Asian tapestry art has caught on in the world of European tapestry making. With the dawn of travel in the 17th century, world map tapestries as well as its companion of nautical tapestries came into a power of their own, as explorers looked beyond their own horizons for inspiration.

And if you want cityscape scenes or even coat of arms, family crest and heraldry tapestries, then we've got them here as well.

Finally, have a look at our tapestry cushions and pillow covers to furnish your cushions with and to get ideas for home decor. And also, you can complete your tapestries with these elegant tapestry rods and hangers to hang them easily in your home, and these tapestry tassels to give them a great finish.

Why shop with us? Well, here at Worldwide Tapestries, we have realised that if we wanted to offer the very best tapestries, that we'd had to search for quality tapestries ourselves. We carefully picked the top wall hangings, from the choice vendors from all around the world, to create our tapestry online store.

The pieces here originate from the most exceptional worldwide sources of tapestries. You'll find here the highest quality tapestries, and we offer them to you at the best prices possible.

You can also see our wall tapestry blog here for updates on the latest news.

As you can see, we here at Worldwide Tapestries we work hard to be your ultimate destination for tapestries on sale, with something for every taste and style. We'd love to hear from you too. If you'd like to ask us a question, contact us today!

With Best Wishes,

Worldwide Tapestries

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"Thank you so much for your help with getting a tapestry. It was great to find that when we returned to Australia we were able to peruse your extensive selection at our leisure, select several that we liked, and order them hassle free over the internet and delivered to our door! ...

Thanks again. We have no hesitation in recommending your service to others!"

Richard, New South Wales

"I am so happy with my purchase. But also extremely delighted with the service I have recieved which has been second to none...

But best of all the saving I made by purchasing online was great. Thankyou"

Jane, Mount Annan

"Now all the tapestries are installed in their allotted positions, my most optimistic expectations have been confirmed.

I am so delighted that a second order is already on the way!"

Rex, Queensland

"You have the most amazing range of tapestries to choose from, AND you ship the order free! Amazing!

After only 2 weeks, my beautiful tapestry arrived! It is perfect, I just love it, and have had so many favourable comments from family and friends.

I am hooked, ...and currently am awaiting delivery of my 2nd order."


Ordered a tapestry to very short timescales just before Christmas... not expecting to receive before the New Year. Extremely surprised when it arrived just before Christmas during all the really snowy weather

...& even more surprised at the high quality of the tapestry. I am now about to place an order for another tapestry for my daughter's 18th birthday.

Highly recommended!

David, England

I would highly recommend Worldwide Tapestries... Your tapestries and service is exemplary.

From a very satisfied customer.

Ian, Doncaster East

"I would like to just say that the service and the quality of the tapestry I've recently purchased are exceptional.

The photos are exactly as the actual physical item received.

Might possibly be a returning customer, just need to see if I can find any more space in the house. Thank you for a great service."


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